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The APCIZ center in Zagora is a facility for over 70 children with physical or mental disabilities. The center offers a multitude of services free of charge. 


To get to the center, the APCIZ association provides the children with specialized transport that can take them to and from the center in good conditions. 

In addition, the center organizes various educational excursions in and around the town of Zagora throughout the year. 

Cooking, gardening and sports classes are also held at the center. A playground is also available in the center's courtyard. 

Children also benefit from medical support at the center : regular adapted medical consultations, speech therapy classes, physiotherapy sessions, etc. 
Parents can also benefit from psychological support to help them deal with their child's illness. 

This center is a real chance for these disabled children in the Zagora region, who receive very little help from the state, and few infrastructures are adapted to their condition. The members of the association on site are doing a fantastic job, and that's why we want to mobilize our efforts and resources to support this center for as long as possible. 

Cooking classes for children at the center.

Children can learn to garden if they wish.

There's a playground in the center's outdoor courtyard where children can play with each other.

Children have access to a multi-sports room to develop their motor skills. They are monitored by doctors and medical assistants, who help them in their development. They also have access to physiotherapy sessions, which are very important for children's physical development.

Children with speech and language problems receive support from medical assistants to develop their ability to speak.

There are various areas in the center where children can play and take part in educational activities to stimulate their mental activity.

Parents have access to sessions with a psychologist and/or speech therapist in order to monitor their child's illness as best they can.

Every year, the members of the association do their best to offer the children educational, sporting and discovery excursions outside the center. 

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