The Cherif Alaoui School in Zagora

A little while ago, we had the pleasure to meet part of the educational team of the Cherif Alaoui school in Zagora, which has a dedicated class for children with Down’s Syndrome.

The teachers shared the problems the school is facing, we wanted to join forces to find solutions.

The first difficulty we discussed was the need for specialized transportation for these children with Down’s Syndrome. This means of transport already exists, but is not accessible to all due to its cost.

That is why we search for monthly funds to cover the costs entirely and to provide these children with a free specialized transport.

There are currently 22 children in Cherif Alaoui's integration class, 12 girls and 10 boys.
Transport costs amount to 100dh/month/child, or 1000dh per year per child (equivalent to 100€ for 10months).

​Before the beginning of each school year, we will try to obtain the amount of 22,000dh/2200€ to cover the full cost of transport for all the children in the integration class of the Cherif Alaoui school.

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