Boutyouss School

The past years gave us the opportunity to visit the Boutyouss region, which is located some fifty kilometres south of Zagora. The several trips to the region were meant to meet the kids, the teacher, the parents, but also the local authorities to establish a dialogue and an exchange.

Scholarship in the Boutyouss school is one of the main problems that came up during these exchanges.


We have already been able to establish different short- and long-term projects, carefully selected with everyone in order to better the scholarship of each child from the region.

Project 01

The first project consists of supporting each child of the Boutyouss school by providing enough school equipment, as well as educational games and books, sports material, and soon, thanks to our generous donors, some computers.

Project 02

At the request of the teacher, we contacted a local carpenter to repair and/or replace the used benches in class. The worn-out windows have been replaced and improved as well: we were able to add louvres in order to keep the windows open while staying in the shadow.

The school has recently built a small patio, where the children could have lunch in the shadow. We all decided to ask the same local carpenter to build benches and tables to be placed in the patio.

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