About us

This adventure started in 2016, when Pol, Said, Jan and Bart decide to get moving and unite around a cause.


After a 200 km run in the Sahara desert, the four friends discovered this remote desert region fifty kilometres away from Zagora, a city in southern Morocco. They were able to meet the locals, and among others, the children of the Boutyouss school and their parents.

The four sport enthusiasts, who fell in love with the region and its inhabitants, tried to find a way to help and support these children as well as their scholarships.


This is how the non-profit organisation “Run To Start” and the sports event “TZT” were created.

This trail, consisting of 200 km and 5 stages, takes place once a year in the Moroccan desert and is the very first event that has been organised to get funding for the non-profit organisation Run To Start.


The annual trail in Morocco and other fundraisings in Belgium have made it possible for Run To Start and its four Belgian founders to establish different projects for the Boutyouss region. This also allowed them to expand their actions within the city of Zagora.


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